Using Underground Mapping For Utilities Surveys

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Utility detection is an essential part of any project that involves the digging up or disruption of any surface.  It can help to prevent accidents, injuries and of course costly damage as well as save time and improve cost-effectiveness of any project.

By using utility detection and underground mapping, you can clearly mark out the area in which you are working and new technology has allowed this all to be done without digging a single hole.  By using electro-magnetics, signal induced threading and even a special form of radar that can penetrate the ground, this underground mapping allows you to identify and locate all kinds of underground utilities such as metal pipes, drainage systems, telecoms, fibre optic cables, electric cables and even plastic piping.

This non-invasive procedure speeds up the process dramatically, is a lot more cost effective and of course also helps in itself to avoid costly mistakes by digging test holes than themselves cause damage and disruption to any of the aforementioned underground utilities and hazards.

This form of underground mapping can dramatically help to speed up any project as well.  Digging holes can take time and money, where as using radar and other modern technology allows the utility survey to be carried out almost immediately.  This provides you real-time information that allows site workers to instantly understand what lays where and how best to approach the next procedure.

One any utilities are detected, they can simply be marked on the ground using a special biodegradable paint.  This paint is non-harmful to the environment and will eventually naturally breakdown as if it was never there before.  It comes in various different colours therefore allowing you to easily mark out the various different types of utilities, where they lay and where digging will and wont take place.  This is an incredibly simple yet highly effective method that can dramatically speed up project time, save money and increases safety levels at the same time.

The best way to get access to this sort of technology is to simply use an expert service or business that specialises in this sort of utilities survey and mapping.  They will carry all the required equipment and also have the staff who are experienced in using this equipment correctly and efficiently.  They will also be able to assist in the marking and mapping of any utilities discovered and discuss any necessities with the workmen on site.

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Using Underground Mapping For Utilities Surveys

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Using Underground Mapping For Utilities Surveys

This article was published on 2012/03/29