The valuable concepts of Virtualization

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Virtualization is a very old technique through which you can create a virtual (not real) system for various network resources. The list of resources includes storage devices, hardware, memory, software and many more. This concept has become popular in the IT industry because the overall motive is to hide the physical features of the resources and provide a smooth interaction with them. In this way even if a resource is simple, it can be converted in to multiple resources or even vice versa is also possible. IT industry shows the best use of virtualization to centralize the tasks and enhance the overall scalability. Other purposes like hardware utilization or memory utilization are also fulfilled.

It is not a simple concept but is divided in to various categories so let us go through its type and the kind of change which it can bring in the IT field:-

  • Software – There are lots of concepts which come under software virtualization. The first is operating system virtualization via which you can you can create several virtualized environments and that too within one instance only. Then you have the application virtualization which is all about the portability of the applications or more popularly the standalone applications. Compatibility is another issue which is covered as applications can run in any environment irrespective of the location.  
  • Service – In this type, we study the behavior of the different components and instead of creating virtualized system for all the components, only the critical ones are considered. It can be either the third party components or even the unimplemented systems. The main aim is for testing so that the behavior can be studied at initial stages only starting from the development to the last phase.
  • Data – Under this category you have two types of virtualization; one is for the database while the other is for the data. For data virtualization, the complete presentation takes place at the abstract layer without having any knowledge on the database systems or storage options. In case of database, you have the decoupling process encompassing the application stack.
  • Memory – It includes RAM resources together with virtual memory. This is done so that the programs gets the feeling of working memory without understanding the specific implementation details of physical memory and keeping it aloof.

So these are some of the important types which are used in IT field. If you need any information on the above visit the website.


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The valuable concepts of Virtualization

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The valuable concepts of Virtualization

This article was published on 2012/03/26