Introduction Of Iron Ore Processing And Iron Ore Beneficiation Products

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Today I will make a introduction about iron ore processing and products from iron ore beneficiation.

Mineral resources and ore has more than ten kinds of nature. There are industrial significance of ore is mainly magnetite, hematite and hematite hematite siderite limonite etc.

The iron ore industry types are: magnetite ore, containing vanadium-titanium magnetite ore, containing sulfide polymetallic ore containing sulfur, phosphorus, or rare earth multi metal ore, oolitic hematite, magnetite and hematite, magnetite - siderite and spiegeleisen - siderite - hematite ore. Iron ore deposit types: sedimentary metamorphic iron deposits; magma ore bed; skarn type iron deposit; hydrothermal type iron deposit; oolitic hydrothermal iron ore deposits; sedimentary iron deposit and the gossan type deposits. Magnetite, in addition to a small number of components in a complex, general Yi Xuan and high recovery rate, easy to achieve high grade of the concentrate. Hematite is a weakly magnetic iron ore, generally can be divided into two types, a high-grade ore, simple composition, low content of harmful impurities, Yi Xuan; another is the low grade of raw ore, fine dissemination size, complex components, high content of harmful impurities.

World iron ore resources are more widely distributed. The Soviet Union has so far the world's largest iron ore, iron ore reserves of more and Australia, Canada, the United States, Brazil and South Africa and other countries. Brazil, Australia, South Africa's hematite belongs to high grade ore by crushing, sieving, generally only can be sold as finished products; China, the United States and the former Soviet Union 's hematite, reserves is big, but the ore grade is low, more difficult to choose.

Mineral processing technology of iron ore beneficiation, according to the nature of the ore and nature, can have a variety of different technological process. One of the main magnet ore dressing process flow, weakly magnetic iron ore beneficiation process, mixed with iron ore ( magnet hematite ore beneficiation process ) and vanadium titanium magnetite ore beneficiation process.

Magnetite ore beneficiation process with single magnetite ore is mainly fine-grained dissemination. Main gangue minerals are quartz and amphibole silicate mineral, some more iron containing silicate. This kind of iron ore beneficiation, often using low intensity magnetic separation method. In order to obtain high-grade ore, separating magnetite concentrate by reverse flotation or hammer vibration sieve method to treatment of.More details of the beneficiation methods and introduction I will explain follow-up.

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Introduction Of Iron Ore Processing And Iron Ore Beneficiation Products

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Introduction Of Iron Ore Processing And Iron Ore Beneficiation Products

This article was published on 2012/03/23